Auxo 2: One of the best Jailbreak Tweaks is now available for iOS 7 with reimagined UI, Quick Switcher, Multi-Center, Hot Corners and more


As expected, Auxo 2, one of the most awaited jailbreak tweaks for iOS 7 is now available on Cydia. Auxo was one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks on iOS 6, so I am super excited that A3tweaks has released Auxo 2 for iOS 7.

In case you’re not aware, Auxo was an awesome replacement for the app switcher, which replaced the app icons in the app switcher with a card-like preview of the current state of the app, a feature that Apple added only in iOS 7.

Auxo 2 is lot more than a simple iOS 7 port of its predecessor. It has been completely re-imagined for iOS 7, and comes with a number of new features and improvements. It offers the following features:

It lets you access the app switcher or the multitasking interface with a cool swipe from bottom gesture.

Quick Switcher: It offers a cool new way to switch between apps with touch gestures. Here’s how it works. When you swipe up on the bottom left corner of the screen, it displays six app icons at the bottom of the screen instead of just one. You can then drag your finger across the app icons, and release it when you come to the app you want to switch to it, in one single motion.


By default it displays the last six recently used apps, but you can enable the “Unlimited Quick Switcher” toggle in the Settings app to switch between all the recently used apps. It is not clear what the impact of enabling this toggle.

Quick Switcher is one of the best features of Auxo 2, but it may take sometime to get used to the new workflow.

Multi-Center: It integrates the Control Center with the app switcher. So you can access media controls, quick launch shortcuts, system toggles and brightness controls in the app switcher. The system toggles and the AirDrop/AirPlay options can be accessed from the top, and the quick launch shortcuts, brightness controls media controls can be accessed from the bottom, with the card-based app switcher at the centre.


The developers have smartly optimised the space available to them by using cool circular dials for brightness and volume control. The developer has also paid attention to the smallest details by adding a Home icon to the Home screen page in the app switcher.

It also includes some nifty features for iTunes Radio users such as the ability to favorite a song to influence upcoming songs, and also to scrub songs which is not possible with the default Music app.

Tapping on the name of the currently playing song will display the album art in the center of the screen. Tap and hold on the song information will launch the Music app.

Close All app: You can also swipe up on the Home screen card in the app switcher to close all apps running in the background, and is smart enough to know that it should not kill the music app if you’re listening to music. The animation when you swipe up on the Home screen card to close all apps is also pretty cool.


Hot Corners: The feature allows you to do a few things depending on how you’ve configured the other features. For example: A swipe up from the bottom right corner of the tweak lets you close the app you’re currently using.

If you’ve Multi-Center disabled then swipe up from the bottom left corner of the screen will give you access to the Quick Switcher, and a further swipe up gesture will launch the multitasking tray.

Settings Options: Auxo 2 allows you to customise how it works by offering various options in the Settings app such as:

  • You can enable or disable each of the features mentioned above using On/Off toggle in the Settings app.
  • You can also hide the AirDrop/AirPlay controls and the track seeker in Multi-Center, if you find it too busy for your liking by enabling the Minimal Display toggle.
  • You can also quickly switch between two apps when invoking the Multi-Center by enabling the “Open to Last app” toggle.
  • If you’re left-handed, then you can enable the Invert the Hot Corners toggle to access the app switcher from the bottom right corner.
  • Auxo 2 may not play nice with all the apps such as games and full screen apps, so you have the option to disable it in specific apps.

Check out the video walkthrough of Auxo 2 below via our YouTube channel iPhoneHacksTV:

Auxo 2 is available for $3.99. If you have purchased Auxo previously, then you can purchase it for $1.99. If you’re still on iOS 7 – iOS 7.0.6 and were looking for a reason to jailbreak your device, then Auxo 2 is certainly one of them. It is currently compatible with iPhone, but the developer plans to add iPad support shortly.

One of our biggest gripes with Auxo was that it crashed quite often, it remains to be seen if it is plagued by the same issue. It was quite stable while I was checking out the features. It also depends on what jailbreak apps and tweaks you’ve installed on your iPhone.

Let me know what you think of Auxo 2 in the comments below.