Dropbox previews popular Mailbox email app for Mac, adds Auto-swipe to iOS app

mailbox all platforms

Mailbox, Dropbox’s popular email management app for iOS today expanded to two new platforms — Android and the Mac.

At a media event today, Dropbox announced that Mailbox would be available as a private beta for the Mac, to give users a desktop companion for the iOS app.

From Mailbox’s blog post:

Mailbox for Mac has been another labor of love for our team. It’s the product of painstaking iteration (over, and over, and over) to build the lightest, fastest, most delightful desktop mail client ever.

The app is in a private beta, but you can sign up for early access by entering your email address on this link. The Mailbox for Mac takes cues from its iOS counterpart, with support for trackpad gestures like swipe to archive, delete etc. Here’s how the app looks like:

mailbox mac

While Mailbox’s announcement was mainly focused on the new Mac and Android apps, it announced a new feature for the iOS app as well. The feature’s called Auto-swipe, and here’s how the company describes it:

Today, we’re proud to announce a new service built directly into Mailbox that learns from your swipes and snoozes to automate common actions. Mute that thread you don’t care about, snooze messages from your friends until after work, and route receipts to a list — automatically.

The announcement adds that your Mailbox preferences as well as Auto-swipe patterns will now be synced across platforms through Dropbox, and in the future the app will be even more deeply integrated with Dropbox.

Auto-swipe will presumably be a part of an update to Mailbox for iOS that isn’t available on the App Store yet.