Physical mockup of 5.5-inch iPhone 6 with ultra-slim design and rounded edges

iPhone 6 mold

Yesterday, images of a physical iPhone 6 mockup appeared on a Chinese forum, and the mockup was thought to have a 4.7-inch display. But further inspection of the images suggest that the mockup is instead of the even larger, 5.5-inch model, that is rumored to debut later this year.

While it is difficult to get an idea of the actual size of the mockup from images, MacRumors points out some reasons as to why it likely has a 5.5-inch display:

– Display to device height ratio: The design drawings show that the larger 5.5-5.7 inch iPhone 6’s display is approximately 80 percent of the height of the device, while the 4.7-inch model’s display is around 75 percent of the device height. The photos of the mockup show lines delineating the display edges as putting the ratio closer to the 80 percent figure seen on the larger model. 

– Size in hand: Hand size obviously varies significantly from person to person, making comparisons difficult, but the physical mockup simply looks very large in the hand.

iPhone 6 5.5-inch mockupMacRumors also notes that the mockup has a protruding rear-camera, a design feature that was seen in iPhone 6 design drawings, but only on the larger model.

iPhone 6 5.5-inch mockup protruding camera

According to multiple rumors, Apple is working on two variants of the iPhone 6 this year, with a thinner design, smaller bezels, rounded edges and more. The first variant will have a 4.7 inch display, and is expected to be launched this fall, but the larger 5.5-inch variant is facing yield issues, and is reportedly delayed.