New DisturbPlease Tweak Enhances iOS 7 Do Not Disturb Mode

With the release of iOS 6, Apple introduced a handy new feature called Do Not Disturb, and made some enhancements in iOS 7. Sadly, although the feature is much appreciated (as most new features are), Do Not Disturb is horribly under-powered. Basically, the only thing the feature can do is completely turn off notifications completely between certain times. 

With a new tweak called DisturbPlease, Apple’s Do Not Disturb becomes much more functional with a wide variety of new features.

The tweak adds a couple of powerful new features, the first being the ability to turn off scheduling for specific days. While the default scheduling setting in the Do Not Disturb settings page applies for every day of the week, DisturbPlease allows you to turn off Do Not Disturb scheduling on days you actually want to be notified. For example, if you want Do Not Disturb to be active every day except Friday, simply uncheck Friday on the list of days.


Secondly, DisturbPlease allows you also apply filters to Do Not Disturb that will allow certain contacts to actually disturb you if they send you a message. Inside of this setting page, you can select all contacts, no one, or only those on your favorites list to disturb you if they send a text or iMessage. Additionally, you can select a custom contact group that will always notify you of new messages regardless of whether or not Do Not Disturb is enabled.

Sadly, creating a contact group can’t be done in the built-in iPhone contacts app. To do this, you’ll have to either use the contacts app on iPad and sync the contacts over to iCloud (and then download them on the iPhone), or create the group using a Windows or Mac contacts client such as Address Book on Mac or Outlook on Windows. To get the same effect on iPhone, though, simply use the “Favorites” option in the DisturbPlease settings; you can assign a contact to the favorites group using the built-in contacts app on iPhone.

Overall, I’ve found that DisturbPlease allows me to more automate my Do Not Disturb schedule. While I definitely don’t want anyone disturbing me past midnight on a weekday, I found it annoying using Apple’s default settings that scheduling this meant missing notifications on the weekends as well. With this tweak, all I have to do is uncheck Saturday and I receive notifications as normal. Additionally, there are certain people in my life that I’m okay with disturbing me. This tweak lets me include exceptions for these people for texts and iMessages on top of the normal calls exceptions.

You can get DisturbPlease on the Cydia store for $1.99, and be sure to let us know whether or not this is a tweak you’ll be getting!