New Tweak Roundup: BlurFolders, QuickPass, ClassicWallpapers, NoCC, and Articon

Tweaks are continuously being released in the jailbreak community, meaning there’s almost always something new worth finding when you open up Cydia and refresh your sources. Sometimes, exciting “big name” tweaks such as Auxo 2 are released, while other times, you might find some smaller tweaks that are equally as interesting. Here’s a roundup of some smaller tweaks that have been released recently.


As you most likely know, iOS 7 employed a lot of blur effects system-wide. One of these is the blur that replaced the previous textured background of folders. That blur, though, only covers a small portion of the scren leaving the surrounded area unblurred. A new tweak, by the name of BlurFolders, allows you to blur the entire screen when opening a folder giving the interface a more unified appearance. BlurFolders is free, and available right now on Cydia.


Turning your iOS device password on and off can be hassle, but that doesn’t have to be the case if you have a jailbroken device. After you’ve set a passcode for your device initially, new tweak called QuickPass allows you to quickly toggle it on and off from the Settings app. QuickPass is only $0.99 and is available right now in the Cydia store.


The standard Music app built in to iOS 7 has a gradient-filled red design which many–myself included–think is a great remake of the original. But some are looking for app icons to have more functionality and tell you more real-time information like that of the Clock app and the Calendar app. A new tweak called Articon does this for the Music app, replacing the standard red icon with currently-playing album art. Additionally, Articon replaces the icons of almost all other apps that play media such as Spotify, Pandora, and Netflix with album art (or movie art in the case of Netflix) as well. Articon is $1.00 on the Modmyi repo.


When iOS 7 was released, many were unpleased with its flat, simplistic design and preferred the old iOS 6 style. Due to this, some of these same people have started using their jailbreak to theme their iOS 7 devices to look like iOS 6 and earlier. A new tweak called ClassicWallpapers, which we covered on our YouTube channel iPhoneHacksTV, brings the iOS 6 stock wallpapers back to the Settings app, allowing you to reminisce in old-school planet wallpaper goodness.


The last tweak we have for you today is probably the most simplistic of them all.  In the early days of iOS, we didn’t have a Control Center. And regardless of its true advancements in iOS usability and convenience, some are still completely opposed to change. NoCC, a new tweak on the BigBoss repo, allows you to turn Control Center off with one simple lightweight install. Many tweaks such as Springtomize are all-in-one solutions to slving problems like this, but sometimes you might prefer going with a dedicated tweak to get the job done. NoCC is completely free.

Which of the tweaks we covered today is your favorite? Which do you think is going to be the most useful for you? Let us know in the comments below!