How to use Speed Dial on your iPhone

Quick: how do you call your favorite contacts on your iPhone? Do you look them up in your Contacts, or hunt for their names in the Recents list? Either way, you could save some time and taps by adding these frequently dialed numbers to your Favorites. This way, you’ll have a special list of all the contacts you care about most in the first tab of your Phone app for making calls in a snap.

To add a contact to your Favorites or speed dial list:

  • Launch the Phone app and open the Favorites tab, first on the left.
Add contacts to your Favorites for quick access
Add contacts to your Favorites for quick access
  • Tap the + icon to search for a contact you’d like to add.
  • Select the contact’s appropriate number (if there are multiple phone numbers), and which action you want to be able to access quickly for that contact (Voice call, FaceTime call or FaceTime audio call)
  • You can also tap any contact in your Contacts or Recents lists to view their details, and select Add to Favorites from there.
    • Repeat for as many contacts as you’d like (naturally, you’ll want to keep this to a handful or so).

Once you’ve got a bunch of Favorites, simply access the list in the Phone app and tap any contact once to launch your preferred call type. Voilà, instant speed dial on your iPhone!