How to Undo & Redo typing on your iPhone or iPad

While many of you already know how to undo and redo typing on your iOS device, I still keep coming across people who haven’t discovered this yet. Here’s how to undo or redo typing on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


To undo or redo something you’ve typed, copied, deleted, just shake your iPhone, and you’ll get a popup saying Undo Typing, with an Undo and a Cancel button. If you paste text and then shake your device, the alert will say Undo Paste.


The shake-to-undo interaction is quite odd, but a benefit of it being gesture-triggered is that it is available virtually in any text field in iOS, as there’s no need for a button on the screen.


On the iPad things are a bit different, and you thankfully don’t have to shake the big and heavy device to undo or redo. Apple has added dedicated undo/redo keys on the iPad keyboard.

  • You can access the Undo key by tapping the 123 key to switch the keyboard to numeric mode. You should now see a big Undo key.
Napkin 05-04-14 11.22.47 pm
  • To access the Redo key, you’ll have to tap the 123 key and then on the #+= key:
Napkin 05-04-14 11.26.13 pm

Just like the iPhone, undo and redo are available on the iPad in any text field as long as you have access to the keyboard.

Undo is the ⌘ + Z (Control + Z) equivalent, and Redo is ⌘ + Shift + Z (Control + Shift + Z) equivalent on iOS from your Mac or PC. The shake to undo and redo typing functionality relies on the accelerometer on your iPhone, so if for some reason you accelerometer has stopped functioning, you won’t be able to do undo or redo.

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