The Best iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 cases

If you’re looking to buy an iPhone case, you’ll be overwhelmed with the variety of cases available online and in stores. So we looked around, and compiled a list of the best iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 cases.


BookBook for iPhone 5/5s is an awesome leather iPhone case that looks like a vintage book and also doubles up as your wallet. Structured like a book, it holds your wallet contents in the left flap, and your iPhone on the right. The case costs $59.99, and comes in three color options. You can buy it from this link.

book book iphone 5s case 1

Apple’s iPhone 5s case

Along with the iPhone 5s, Apple also announced leather cases for the device with several color options to choose from. Apple’s designers made sure that the case goes great with the iPhone 5s’ design, doesn’t make your device look bulky, and at the same time offers protection with a microfiber lining. The case costs $39.99, comes in six different color options and can be ordered from Apple’s website.

iphone 5s leather case

Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen’s Slim Armor case for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 is designed to absorb shock and protect your device along the top, bottom, and corners — the areas most affected in case of a drop. The case has a two-toned metallic finish, and an interchangeable back so you can have different color options with the same case. It costs $24.99 and can be bought from here.

spigen iphone 5s armor case



Wallet Case

Want your iPhone case to double up as a wallet, but don’t want the bulk? The Wallet case is a relatively slim case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5, that has pockets at back for your credit cards, IDs, bills etc. You can buy it for $39.99 from Amazon in 5 color options.

iphone 5s wallet case

Moshi SenseCover

SenseCover is an iPhone cover whose front flap is made to reveal the portion of the lock screen that shows the time, date and caller information. While we’ve seen this in many covers, Moshi’s SenseCover takes it one step further — it has a touch sensitive flap that lets swipe to answer calls and stop alarms, end active calls, all without having to open the cover. The case can be purchased for $49.99 from Amazon.

moshi sense coverMoshi Kameleon with kickstand

Moshi’s Kameleon hardshell case offers great protection for your iPhone from scratches and shocks, but its highlight is the inbuilt aluminium kickstand that lets you view content in landscape and portrait orientations. You can buy the case for $49.95 from Amazon.

moshi kameleon

Naked Tough

Want to protect your iPhone, but like the iPhone’s look too much to put a case on it? Naked Tough is a fully transparent case that comes with a two-piece structure, a bumper and a back-case, for additional protection. The bumper comes in three colors, clear, white and black. Naked Tough can be bought from here for $35.

naked tough

Griffin Identity

If you like changing the look of your iPhone frequently, Griffin’s Identity cases might be just what you’re looking for. It offers the standard protection measures to shield your device from drops, scratches etc., but also lets you customise it by swapping the bumper and backplates. Identity cases start at $29.99, and you can buy extra backplates and bumpers for an additional cost.

griffin identity case options

Otterbox Defender

If you’re on the lookout for a rugged case that can protect your iPhone against drops, bumps, dust and scratches, the Otterbox Defender case for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 is one of the best options. It has an outer casing that absorbs shocks, and an inner foam layer to cushion the device. The Defender also includes a holster clip that also doubles up as a kickstand. You can buy the Otterbox Defender for $50 from Amazon.

otterbox defender iphone 5s

LifeProof Fre

LifeProof Fre is another rugged case that does everything the Otterbox Defender does, and also keeps your iPhone waterproof. You can buy the LifeProof Fre from Amazon for $79.99, and choose from 10 color options.

lifeproof fre iphone 5s

Do you use a case for your iPhone 5s/iPhone 5? If so, we would love to know which one is it, and the reason why is it your favorite.