iOS 8 banners start going up at Moscone Center ahead of WWDC

ios 8 banner wwdc

Apple has been readying Moscone Center for WWDC next week, and today the company put up the first iOS 8 banner at the venue.

The banner is very minimal, with the figure 8 printed in a thin font on what seems to be a background showing the ocean.

iOS 8 is widely rumored to come with a number of new apps including Healthbook, Preview, and TextEdit, improved Maps and Notification Center, transit directions, and more. For a complete list of iOS 8 features, be sure to check our iOS 8 rumor roundup.

Apple likes to hide clues in its press invites and promotional banners, so let us know if you can spot any clues of the new features in the iOS 8 banner. Last year’s iOS 7 banners featured a colorful figure “7” against a white, dotted pattern, hinting at the radical new look the OS sported,  as well as the extensive use of thinner fonts.

Update: Another look at the banner, via MacStories:

ios 8 banner wwdc 2014

Update x2: The banner is now fully up:

ios 8 banner wwdc hanging
[via @jyarow]