iOS 8’s Split-Screen Multitasking feature not ready to debut at WWDC

iOS 8 logo

Couple of weeks back, 9to5Mac reported that Apple may finally add split-screen multitasking feature in iOS 8, which would allow users to run two apps simultaneously on the iPad.

However, Brian Chen of New York Times has tweeted that the feature is still work in progress, and Apple may not preview it at the WWDC Keynote, where it is widely expected to showcase some of major features of iOS 8. He tweeted:

Even if the feature is not introduced at WWDC, it does seem like it will be included in iOS 8. iPad users have been requesting the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously for quite a long time. We’ve already seen some interesting concepts of how Apple could implement this feature.

Rivals Microsoft has been poking fun at the iPad in Surface tablet ads for the lack of this feature.  Windows 8 includes a snap multitasking mode that allows Surface users to run two apps simultaneously.

Since iOS 7 featured an all-new design, we don’t expect Apple to make radical changes in iOS 8. iOS 8 is expected to come with new features and improvements such as an all-new Healthbook app, improved Maps app with improved points-of-interest data, public transit directions in select cities, augmented reality and indoor mapping, all-new Preview and TextEdit apps to make it easier to access documents in iCloud, inter-app communication capabilities, a new Tips app, standalone app for iTunes Radio, improved Notification and lots more.