Watch this hilarious iWatch introduction video parody

iwatch parody video 3

Apple is widely rumored to launch an iWatch later this year with a special emphasis on health and fitness. We don’t really know what the device will look like, but we’ve seen plenty of concepts speculating the hardware as well as software design of the iWatch.

Mathias, a YouTube channel known for its technology parodies, published a new video parody dedicated to the iWatch a few days ago with the description “It’s time. Introducing the magical new iWatch.”

The parody is filmed like a typical Apple video, featured the company’s executives talking about various aspects of the product.

By poking fun at the iWatch, the video tries to suggest that the device is of limited utility. But with all its rumored sensors, health and fitness features, and the Healthbook app, do you think its utility would be limited? Let us know in the comments.