New Photos Show 4.7-inch iPhone 6 Physical Mockup Compared to 5th Gen iPod touch


The number of next-generation iPhone mockups we’ve been seeing lately is rather astronomical, but a new interesting photo set from Italian Apple fan site Macitynet shows a physical mockup of the rumored 4.7-inch device next to a current-generation iPod touch, illustrating similarities between a device Apple has yet to release and one the company released almost two years ago.


As you can see in the photos above and below, the two devices clearly have very similar design inspiration. Both the iPhone 6 mockup and the iPod touch have a curved matte aluminum rear shell as well as speaker holes on the bottom along the right side. The devices also feature the standalone pill-shaped volume buttons we’ve come to love, as opposed to the volume rocker of years past.


The thickness of the device is one notable difference between the iPhone 6 mockup and the iPod touch, with the iPhone 6 measuring in at 7.0 mm thick according to the drawings used to create the pictured mockup. The rumored device is thicker than the iPod touch which is 6.1 mm, but the iPhone 6 is actually notably thinner than the current-generation iPhone 5s at 7.6 mm. 

If the supposedly leaked design specifications turn out to be true, the iPhone 6 will also be visually similar to the recently released iPhone 5c, which features the same curved edge design (albeit with some colors and plastic thrown in).

According to various sources, Apple plans to release the 4.7-inch iPhone in the Fall of this year, to be followed with a larger 5.5-inch device later into mid-Winter. While we have yet to see any high-quality physical recreations of the larger devices, both can be printed for your pleasure if you’re lucky enough to have a 3D printer.

Do you appreciate that Apple may be bringing the iPhone 6 in line with the design of other current generation devices, or are you partial to the design of the current iPhone? Let us know in the comments!