Nokia’s job listing suggests company plans to bring back Here Maps to iOS

here maps

Nokia is looking to bring back Here Maps to iOS, as per new job listings. The job listings seek iOS and Android developers to expand the Here mapping service to the two platforms via SDKs and possibly an app as well.

Nokia released Here Maps for iOS a couple of years back, when the dissatisfaction with iOS 6 Maps was at an all-time high, but pulled it from the App Store a year later citing iOS 7 changed that “harmed user experience.”

The job listings seek iOS and Android developers who will design and build advanced location-based services applications. Nokia’s original Here Maps app wasn’t very smooth, and seemed to just be a wrapper around the mobile website. Here’s hoping that the company is using these new engineers to build native apps for Here Maps.

Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services division last year, and Here Maps wasn’t a part of the acquisition. One of Nokia’s goals post-acquisision is that it wants to bring the Here mapping service to many different operating systems, platforms and screens, and it seems the company’s doing exactly that based on these job listings.

Here are the direct links to the two job postings — 1, 2.

[via Android Beat]