Swiss watchmaker Swatch to fight Apple’s “iWatch” trademark filings

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Apple’s widely rumored to launch a smartwatch dubbed iWatch later this year, and the closest we’ve got to a confirmation is the company filing trademarks for the term iWatch in various countries.

Swiss watchmaker and Apple’s soon-to-be competitor Swatch isn’t so happy about Apple filing for iWatch trademarks, citing the similarity of the iWatch term with Swatch’s own iSwatch line of products. The company said:

“This is the normal procedure to protect your own brand name. We react like this for all other brand names that we have protected.”

“If somebody wants to register a name that is too close to a name that we have protected, we fight against it.”

Swatch has in the past filed oppositions against filings by companies who’ve tried to trademark the term “iWatch.”

iwatch trademark oppsition

Apple has reportedly tried to partner with Swiss watchmakers for the iWatch, but these companies weren’t too keen on accepting the offer. It has also tried to poach employees from these companies, but most of them refused Apple’s offers as well.

Till now, Apple has filed for iWatch trademarks in Russia, Japan, Mexico and Taiwan. The company also expanded the “Apple” trademark to include watches and jewellery, possibly giving away the biggest hint of an upcoming wearable product.

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