Twitter may be adding new mute feature to its iOS app


Twitter apparently is preparing to update its iOS app with a new mute feature that allows users to block tweets and retweets from select people they follow. Mute is available in other Twitter clients like Tweetdeck, but it is not yet available in the official Twitter app.

According to The Verge, the ability to mute a user has appeared in both the company’s iOS and Android clients. This option is not universally available and only has been spotted by a few select users.

The mute feature functions like a secret unfollow that allows you to remove other people’s tweets from your timeline without them knowing that you are blocking them. It is useful for politely unfollowing people as well as removing them for a short period of time when they are tweeting about a subject in which you are not interested.

Do you use the mute feature? Would be excited to see it land in the official Twitter app for iOS? Let us know in the comments.