Apple airs two new “Your Verse” iPad Air ads highlighting travel and music

ipad music

Apple continues its “Your Verse” iPad promotion campaign with two new ads released today that highlight how the iPad helps you create a symphony or travel around the world.

The first video, titled “Orchestrating Sound” features music composer Essa-Pekka Salonen, who wanted to shed light on the symphony orchestra to a much broader audience. For this, Salonen and his colleagues worked on The Orchestra app for iPad that gives an interactive look at all the elements of an orchestra.

The second video, titled “Exploring Without Limits” features travel blogger Chérie King who is also deaf, describing how the iPad Air helps her travel freely without worries of getting lost.

Apple has put up dedicated pages on its website for the two new ads, as well as collection pages on the App Store sharing the apps shown in the ads. Here’s the web page for the “Exploring without Limits” ad, and the corresponding App Store collection, and here’s the web page and the App Store collection for the “Orchestrating Sound” campaign.

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