Watch the evolution of iOS in just 5 minutes [Video]


Earlier this week, Apple launched the eight major release of iOS, the company’s highly popular mobile operating system, that powers iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS has undergone some huge changes since it was introduced in 2007 as “iPhone OS”, and a new 5-minute video highlights all these changes.

iOS was first publicly shown running on the original iPhone in January 2007 by Steve Jobs during one of his best product announcements. The highlight of the OS was its use of multitouch as the primary mode of input, the touchscreen keyboard and the fully-featured Safari browser. iPhone OS 2.0 launched the App Store that revolutionalised the entire software industry, iPhone OS 3.0 added copy/paste.

With version 4.0, iPhone OS was renamed to iOS to take into account the iPad, and the release added multitasking and an app switcher. iOS 5 added Notification Center, iOS 6 killed Google Maps, iOS 7 brought a whole new look to iOS and we’ve been tracking all the changes in iOS 8 since it was introduced.

It’s quite incredible to see the evolution of iOS through these seven years, noting periods where the company led the way, some periods where it fell behind, and how it’s doing a great job at making iOS a great platform for developers and users alike with iOS 8.

[via The Verge]