iOS 7.1.2 reportedly coming soon, may fix issues with Mail, lock screen and more

image iOS 7.1.2

It’s been just under a month since we heard anything about iOS 7.1.2, the rumored update for Apple’s mobile platform, but the newest unreleased software has popped back up in the news, and we could see a public release soon.

Back at the end of May we saw our first glimpse of iOS 7.1.2, but back then there wasn’t a lot of information regarding what the update would be released to address. There was a safe assumption that it would fix an issue with people leaving iOS for another mobile operating system, and suffering issues with iMessage and text messages. It was suggested it could also address an issue with email attachment encryption. Indeed, Apple confirmed that those problems would be addressed in a future update, and it turns out that it could very well be iOS 7.1.2.

MacRumors has confirmed that Apple is gearing up for a public release of iOS 7.1.2, and that they’ve already begun seeding the update to carrier partners. It’s build 11D257. The report goes on to say that Apple has asked carriers to sign off on the update as soon as June 27, would could mean we see the update released for iPhones before the month of July.

image iOS 7.1.2 leak

Details about the update are still vague, for the most part, but a few key details have been revealed. First, the email attachment bug will be fixed, as well as an issue with downloading emails in general. Apple is also fixing a lock screen “vulnerability” that could allow someone access to a “limited number of apps.” A fix for iBeacon connectivity is also included in the update. Surprisingly, there’s no word on a fix for iMessage.

At this point, are you just waiting to get your hands on a public release of iOS 8? Or is this update one you’re looking forward to?

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