iOS 7 adoption approaches 90 percent ahead of WWDC

iOS 7 AppsApple is kicking off its Worldwide developers conference on Monday, with the unveiling of iOS 8 expected to be a major highlight of tomorrow’s keynote event. Ahead of these changes to iOS, adoption of the current version of iOS continues to grow, with almost 90 percent of iPhone and iPad owners running iOS 7, claims Chitika in a recent report.

This latest report shows that the adoption of iOS 7 by iPhone owners has been growing slowly and steadily, increasing 5 percentage points from a report in February 2014. The pie chart clearly shows the dominance of iOS 7 among iPhone owners, with iOS 6 accounting for 8.8 percent of Chitika’s traffic. Earlier versions of iOS combined for a negligible 1.5 percent market share.


These iPhone results are testament to Apple’s update policies that allow the company to distribute new iOS versions directly to customers without modifying the software for each wireless carrier. It also reflects Apple’s backwards compatibility with the latest version of iOS supporting not only the latest hardware, but hardware that is one or two cycles old.

On the iPad side, nearly 85 percent of iPad owners are running iOS 7 with 7.9 percent on iOS 6 and 5.6 percent on iOS 5. This 85 percent figure is up 6.3 percentage points from the February report.


Chitika’s iPad distribution suggests more people are running older versions of iOS on their tablet device, an observation that may be the result of customers holding on their tablet longer. While iPhone owners may be quick to update their phones, tablet owners may be keeping legacy devices longer, opting to run iOS 6 on the original iPad instead of paying $500 to upgrade to the current model that runs iOS 7.

To study iOS adoption and usage rates, Chitika analyzes tens of millions of iOS-based online ad impressions from U.S. and Canadian users. This latest report uses data collected from May 22 through May 28, 2014.

Do you have an iPhone or iPad? Are you running iOS 7 on your device?

[Via PC Magazine]