New Find my iPhone feature in iOS 8 automatically sends the last known location when battery drains to a critical level

iOS 8 logo

Apple unveiled iOS 8 at the WWDC Keynote yesterday, where it showcased some of the major new features such as Interactive Notifications, QuickType, Family Sharing etc.

However, we continue to get tips from developers who were seeded iOS 8 beta, about new changes and improvements in iOS 8 that Apple didn’t have time to talk about. One of them is a new Settings panel for Find my iPhone in iOS 8.

It includes a new toggle called Send Last Location, which Apple explains will automatically send the last known location of the iOS device when the battery drains to a critical level.

iOS 8 - Find my iPhone

This can be quite useful, especially if your device is lost or stolen. We’re told that the feature is disabled by default. It certainly seems like a feature that you should enable after installing iOS 8. Though a thief could always turn off the device to prevent it from being tracked.

Apple made several improvements to Find my iPhone feature in iOS 7, including the Activation Lock feature that makes it impossible for someone to use your device without your Apple ID password. I’m a little disappointed that Apple did not include a feature that would prevent unauthorized users from turning off the device. I would ideally prefer iOS to ask for my passcode to turn off my iPhone.

Thanks Alan for the screenshot!