T-Mobile is the first carrier to confirm support for iOS 8 Wi-Fi calling

iOS 8 Wi-Fi calling

Apple unveiled iOS 8 with major new features and improvements such as Interactive Notifications, QuickType, support for third-party keyboards and lots more.

One of the slides during Apple’s WWDC Keynote address revealed that iOS 8 will also bring Wi-Fi Calling feature.

T-Mobile is one of the first carriers to confirm that it will support Wi-Fi Calling for iPhones running iOS 8 on its network:

Now — with the news coming out of Apple’s keynote today that Wi-Fi Calling will be enabled with iOS 8 – I’m excited to welcome our iPhone customers to the convenience and ease of T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling as well.

One of the best things about T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling is that it’s so simple to use. You don’t need to activate anything or download a special app. Just connect to any available Wi-Fi network, check that Wi-Fi Calling is turned on on your capable smartphone, and make a call (or send a text, email, etc.) as you normally would. That’s it.

Wi-Fi calling uses Wi-Fi to provide better mobile phone coverage, and is especially useful in places where there is poor or no coverage. It also helps in preserving mobile data and minutes, and comes with an added benefit of lesser drain on battery life.

We expect other carriers to also announce plans to support Wi-Fi calling for iPhones running iOS 8 on their network.

[via T-Mobile]