Apple drops biggest hint about bigger iPhone 6 screen sizes in iOS 8 Simulator

ios 8 simulator

Apple is widely rumored to release a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 later this year as well as a 12-inch iPad Pro. We’ve seen several hints pointing to this, but the biggest hint we’ve seen till now has been in the recently released Developer Tools for iOS 8.

The Developer Tools includes iOS Simulator, an app to simulate running iOS apps on various types of standard device configurations like the 3.5-inch iPhone, 4-inch iPhone, iPad, Retina iPad and so on.

The iOS 8 Simulator, in addition to these standard configurations, also includes options for a Resizable iPhone and Resizable iPad, that lets developers define their own custom screen size to test how their apps would look like.

resizable simulator

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Rumors say the iPhone 6’s larger 4.7 inch display will sport a resolution of 1704×960 pixels, that could run at 3x the base resolution of 568 x 320 pixels. The resizable simulator will let developers test how their app’s layout reacts to changes in screen size, and hence prepare for future changes in screen sizes.

[via 9to5Mac]