Report claims iPhone 6 will feature NFC, wireless charging, bigger screen and faster LTE antenna

iphone 6 mockup comparison

A new report claims that the iPhone 6 will not only feature a larger screen, but will also come with a Near Field Communication (NFC) radio, wireless charging and an improved 4G antenna that supports faster LTE.

VentureBeat reports:

The iPhone 6, which will launch this fall, will contain several highly-anticipated features, including near field communication (NFC), wireless charging, a better 4G antenna, and a much bigger screen, a source close to the situation tells VentureBeat.

The new iPhone is nearing completion and is now being tested for things like durability, speed, and network performance.


NFC has rumored to be added to the iPhone since several years, but Apple has reportedly not been keen to do so because of the nascent mobile payments ecosystem. Apple famously boasts of having the most number of online accounts with credit cards numbers associated, so it will have a head start in the mobile payments space if it rolls out a payment service.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charge too has been rumored for previous generation iPhones, but hasn’t made the cut due to Apple’s doubts about the utility of a wireless charging station that still has to be plugged into walls. The iPhone 6 will reportedly include a surface under the shell that connects to an inductive charging plate for energy. Apple will conform to an open wireless charging standard, so that the charging plate could be used with other devices too.

Faster LTE

The iPhone currently features a category 4 LTE radio that supports speeds of up to 150 Mbps, but the iPhone 6 is said to feature an improved Category 6 LTE radio that boasts speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

Bigger screen

We’ve already heard a lot about the iPhone 6’s bigger 4.7-inch screen. Apple will reduce the bezels to accommodate the larger display, which will sport a resolution of 1,704 x 960 pixels at a pixel density of 416ppi. It will reportedly run apps in “3x” mode at a base resolution of 568 x 320, which means developers would have to make minimal changes to their apps to support the iPhone 6. VentureBeat says that the iPhone 6 will also get a new scratch-resistant covering, possibly made of sapphire.

Apple’s also rumored to release an even bigger iPhone 6 with a 5.5-inch display, but its release is reportedly pushed back due to yield issues.

[via VentureBeat]