New lockscreen bypass discovered in iOS 7, grants access in less than 5 seconds [Video]


A new security hole has been discovered in the latest version of iOS 7, and it’s quite amazing how simple it is. If you have a password on your iOS device, this video reveals that you’re not truly protected. Anyone who has your device could easily access your information and your apps under certain circumstances, and it’s very easy to do.

To accomplish the bypass, all you have to do is call the device’s phone number and let it ring out so that you have a missed call sitting in Notification Center. Control Center on the lockscreen is enabled by default in iOS 7, and this little hack takes advantage of that.

Doing this bypass gives the intruder access to the app that was open when the device was locked, so if you have Messages open and then lock your device, this bypass will allow you access to the Messages app in full.

After you have that missed call in your Notification Center, just lock the device, open Control Center, toggle Airplane mode, open Notification Center, and tap the missed call notification. Check out the below video for a quick demonstration of the bypass in action.

Notably, if you want to prevent intruders from being able to access your device, all you have to do is turn off Control Center on the lockscreen in the Settings app. Frankly, it’s bizarre that Apple would leave this hole open in iOS — and it’s even more bizarre that it wasn’t noticed until now.