Mailbox for iOS gets updated to fix Auto-Swipe feature

image Mailbox iOS

Rolling out new features is usually always a welcomed event for anyone who uses an app or plays a game on their mobile device, but sometimes the new software doesn’t quite work the way it should. Thankfully, an update can always fix an update.

Mailbox for iOS, a popular email application, was bought by Dropbox more than a year ago now, and ever since there have been interesting new features added to the app to bring in Dropbox functionality. One of those new features is Auto-Swipe, which was introduced not too long ago into the app. With Auto-Swipe, Mailbox was meant to learn your gestures on emails received regularly. So, if you more often than not choose to Archive an email from a particular sender, Mailbox will automatically take care of that when you swipe in a certain direction. Unfortunately, the feature didn’t work out as perfectly as some thought it would, and the rules that were created could generally cause some problems for some users.

Dropbox has issued an update to the app though, which brings the version up to 2.0.3. The update to the update features bug fixes as well, but the main focus is on fixing Auto-Swipe. That includes the ability to swipe and hold to create your own rules for the auto-swipe pattern. There are now suggestions for Auto-Swipe in the email view as well.

The app measures in at 22.8MB, and it’s available now. If you haven’t tried Mailbox yet, it’s a free download for new users. You’ll need an iOS-based device running iOS 7. The app is also coming to Macs soon, for those who have fallen in love with the mobile app.

[via App Store]