Opera Mini updated to version 8, first update since 2012 brings new look and plenty of features

image Opera Mini

Updates to apps can happen when you least expect it, and for anyone who has lost hope for Opera Mini, which hasn’t seen an update since 2012, today could be a very exciting day.

The last time that Opera Mini saw a major update was 2012, which is quite some time by anyone’s standards, but almost an eternity for a once seemingly popular application. So, after a long wait like this, what does an app need to bring to the table to be relevant in today’s App Store? Well, a fresh look and feel is a strong first step, but what about the features?

Opera Mini for iOS has indeed been officially updated to version 8, and with it plenty of changes. First and foremost, and what people will notice right off the bat, is going to be the iOS 7-inspired aesthetic. Opera Mini has been brought into the present day, finally. You’ll also find themes to help customize your experience when you want, as well as a new way to discover new things from inside the Browser.

Perhaps the stand-out feature for the new Opera Mini is Data Savings, which does exactly as it sounds. Opera Mini will now try to lessen the load of pages as you pull them down onto your device, which should help you from eating up your data every day, if you don’t find yourself on a Wi-Fi network all that often. Yes, this is a similar feature to what Google’s Chrome offers, but it’s certainly a welcomed addition.

If you’re into scanning QR codes, Opera Mini now has that feature baked into the app. Opera Mini is now available in the App Store, with its current version, 8, listed. It measures in at 11.9MB, and it’s compatible with devices running iOS 7.

Which Browser do you use on your iOS device?

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