Pangu jailbreak team confirms English versions and Linux build coming soon

Pangu Jailbreak

The Pangu jailbreak that was released yesterday is only currently available for Windows. But the team behind it has taken to their Weibo (a Chinese microblogging service like Twitter) account to let us know that not only is it coming to Mac, but it’s coming to Linux as well. Additionally, it appears the team is working on English versions of the tools as well.

According to the team’s Weibo page, loosely translated using Google Translate:

Although the first version has been released, but has some issues, we continue to improve the jailbreak tools, including the English version and the English version of the Mac, even if there is a need to provide Linux versions. Due to yesterday’s hastily released, resulting in compression packaged Cydia forget these resources, thus causing the volume to 80M, the next release update will not have this problem.

The team also takes the opportunity to note that the download being 80 MB was actually an accident. Apparently, the team forgot to compress the Cydia package upon a “hasty” release, and the next update to the jailbreak tool will resolve these problems.

Many are waiting on the Evad3rs or another reputable jailbreak team to take the exploits that this jailbreak made public and create a new, less sketchy tool. But it appears as if the Pangu team is taking measures to earn the trust of the community itself. Keep an eye on iPhoneHacks as we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as the jailbreak is updated.