Pro athletes reportedly testing the iWatch’s fitness capabilities ahead of launch

image iWatch on Bryant

If gauging whether or not the iWatch, Apple’s heavily rumored wearable, is a real device based on rumors is a real thing, then add one more to the “it’s finally happening” column. A new report reveals that Apple could be testing the iWatch in the real world, with the help of some pro athletes.

The iWatch has been quite the focal point for Apple recently, which isn’t really a shock considering it’s one device (much like the TV manufactured by Apple) that just doesn’t exist yet, even if everyone has been waiting expectantly for it. It’s a device that’s been leaked and rumored for months now, but beyond that has been speculated for years. The wait may finally be ending, though, as the finer details are basically the only thing we’re missing at this point.

Earlier today, we heard that the iWatch is going to play host at a suite of sensors, most of which are going to be designed specifically for health and fitness results. The most recent report suggested that the iWatch will boast sensors that could help the wearable measure a user’s blood pressure, glucose and even have sweat analysis. Basically, as it stands right now, the iWatch sounds like a legitimately technology-packed device.

With the expected launch of October still tentatively marked on the calendar, it would seem likely that while some details might still be getting worked on, the general device is probably in its final stages of life-before-public-release. With that in mind, the newest report from 9to5Mac makes perfect sense.

It’s believed that Apple is calling upon those who base their life on fitness and health to test the iWatch out in the wild. Pro athletes, such as the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Kings’ Dustin Brown, and a player from the Boston Red Sox to try out the device ahead of launch. Back in May, it was reported that the Lakers’ Bryant visited with Jony Ive on the Apple campus, and apparently it was to talk about testing the new wearable.

While it may be called the iWatch when it launches later this year, it’s more than obvious that it is meant to be much more than just a smartwatch. With Apple’s unveiling of Health and Health Kit for iOS 8, it’s almost a certainty that Apple’s wearable is going to have a huge focus on health and fitness. Are you looking forward to Apple’s iWatch?

[via 9to5Mac]