Here’s why you should remove PPSync from your Pangu jailbroken device

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The Pangu jailbreak for iOS 7.1.X was released today, but with it came a little mysterious checkbox that does what we’ve found to be some potentially harmful things — besides the fact that checking the box will install an app for downloading pirated apps.

According to angelXwind, who is known to be one of the most respected and reliable jailbreak developers, you should avoid checking the box on the installer GUI at all costs. But not only because it provides you with an app for installing pirated apps, but because it also installs the Chinese version of AppSync, called PPSync.

She says that the app is “extremely buggy” and can cause a plethora of problems for your iOS device down the line. She wrote an article article about why PPSync is so bad over at her website:

Turns out that certain versions of the PPSync package can actually have their postrm binary crash halfway into the uninstallation process, corrupting the system apps. Yes, you’re reading that right.

If you jailbroke your device using Pangu and didn’t check that box, then you need to read no further. You’re perfectly fine. But if you did check the box — intentionally or not — you need to follow the below instructions to protect your device:

  1. Add Karen’s Pineapple Repo at to your Cydia/APT sources (Manage→Sources→Edit→Add)
  2. Install Complete PPSync Remover (net.angelxwind.completeppsyncremover) from Cydia.
  3. Remove PPStore from Cydia.
  4. Go to Settings→General→Profiles and remove the 25pp certificate. If you don’t see a Profiles section, or if there is no 25pp profile, that is okay. All that means is that PanGu never installed one.
  5. You’re done. And yes, Complete PPSync Remover restores/Library/LaunchDaemons/
  6. If you want to, you can uninstall Complete PPSync Remover.

And that’s it! Let us know if you run into any problems in the comments below. The best way to prevent any problems to make sure you don’t check that box, but if you do, at least you’re safe.

[via Reddit]