Video: Nine iOS 8 Hidden Features

iOS 8 logo

During the WWDC 2014 Keynote, Apple showcased some of the major new iOS 8 features such as Interactive Notifications, new predictive QuickType keyboard, support for third-party keyboards, improvements to Messages and Photos app and lots more.

Thanks to the release of iOS 8 beta, we’re discovering ton of new hidden features.

Check out the video below which showcases some of the cool hidden features in iOS 8. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the features showcased in the video:

  • Safari comes with an option to “Request Desktop Site”, which will load the desktop version of the website. It is not very obvious as you need to tap on the address bar, and swipe down to get the “Request Desktop Site” option. You also get an option to add the site to your Favorites, which is possible using the “Add Bookmark” option in iOS 7.
  • If you’ve mistakenly closed a tab in Safari, you can now access the list of recently closed tabs on your iPhone by tapping and holding on the “+” button while you’re in the tab mode. This feature is available only on the iPad in iOS 7.
  • You can now rearrange the options in the new Share panel by tapping and holding on the options and dragging them around. You can disable sharing options such as Twitter and Facebook altogether either by tapping on the new “More” option when you swipe to the left, which is quite nifty.
  • In the Camera app, you can now independently control the exposure by tapping on the area you want to focus, and then sliding up or down to change the exposure.
  • You now have an option to check the battery consumption at an application level, so that the next time you see an unusual battery drop, you know who to blame. You can check this by launching the Settings app and navigating to General > Usage > Battery Usage. It even shows you battery usage for Home and Lock screen. You can check the battery usage in the last 24 hours or the last 7 days.
  • You also have an option to auto-delete messages after some time so that it does not take up valuable storage space on your device. You can select 30 days, 1 year, or leave it as ‘Forever’ to prevent messages from getting auto-deleted.
  • As reported earlier, there is a new option in Find my iPhone, which will send the last known location to Apple servers when the battery reaches a critical level, which should help in tracking your lost or stolen iOS device.
  • When you change the brightness via the Control Center in iOS 8, it shows the changes real-time in the background rather than just on the Control Center panel, which is nice as it makes it easier to adjust the brightness.

Let me know what you think of these hidden features in the comments below.

[via iTwe4kz]