Turn your iPad into a drawing tablet for your Mac via Air Stylus

image Air Stylus

Being creative on an iPad is certainly not new, but it’s always exciting to see the new ways that people unlock the tablet’s potential as a creative tool. A new app wants to unlock your ability to draw on your creativity, with the help of your Mac for good measure.

While it’s easy to find apps to help you be creative, especially when you start throwing accessories at the effort, this new app from Avatron Software wants to turn your iPad into a veritable accessory for your Mac by transforming it into a wireless, pressure-sensitive drawing tablet. The new app is called Air Stylus (playing on the name of the company’s Air Display, another popular app), and it’s available in the App Store right now.

Air Stylus’s functionality is expanded by its support of a plethora of styli. As far as applications? Another long list, including Pixelmator and Photoshop. You’ll be able to toggle palm-rejection on or off whenever you want, and the app supports two-finger gestures and pinch-to-zoom while you’re drawing.

You can check out the app in action in the video below. It’s available right now in the App Store for $19.99. You’ll need 38.3MB of storage available, and running an iPad with iOS 7.

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