aBar dynamically colorizes in-app navigation bars on iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]


There are a countless number of jailbreak tweaks that colorize different aspects of the iOS user interface, but aBar is a new package that takes a slightly different approach. Instead of having preset or customizable color options, this tweak dynamically changes the color of in-app navigation bars based on the dominant color of the app’s icon. 

For instance, after installing the tweak, the Phone app gains green navigation bars and tabs because that is the dominant color of the app’s icon. Meanwhile, the Settings and Clock apps have grey and black navigation bars respectively to match their corresponding app icons.

While the concept behind aBar is rather unique, it is also flawed. The main issue is that the labels and buttons in the navigation bar remain light blue, which is their stock color, and this causes contrast issues. In the Mail app, for example, you can barely see the labels and buttons whatsoever because aBar has turned the navigation bar blue.

For that reason, aBar is more of a novelty tweak than a practical one I would recommend for use on your iPhone, especially if it is your daily driver. Unless you are someone that customizes their iOS device beyond average means, this is probably a package that you might end up uninstalling.

The tweak has no preferences to configure through the Settings app.

aBar is $1.00 on the Cydia Store for iPhone in the default BigBoss repo.