Apple TV set to receive FXNOW app, Simpsons World content in the next 12 months


Apple TV was gifted with a major content update at the end of June, with new channels for ABC News, PBS kids and others being introduced. Now, a new report suggests that another major brand could be launching for Apple’s set-top box within a year’s time.

The Simpsons, a popular television show for many, many years, is heading to FX soon, and the network has big plans for the cartoon family. As far as the Apple TV is concerned, and for those who love the Simpsons and own the box, it looks like content is coming your way through a new app called FXNOW. In a report originally published by iLounge, TV writer Jason Lynch tweeted that the FXNOW app would be coming to Apple TV within the next 12 months.

In a related piece published by HitFix, Simpsons World –a digital channel related to only Simpsons episodes, running up to all 522 of them — would launch in October for Apple TV. In that report, it’s said that the Simpsons World would be a stand-alone and separate application on the Apple TV, separated from FXNOW.

However, Lynch later posted that Simpsons World and FXNOW would not be a separate app at all, and that they would be bundled together. Both services, whether bundled or not, will require a cable network authentication for access. FXNOW will bring content from the FX Network, FXX and FX Movies (FXM). With the Simpsons World said to be launching in October, but a wide launch window for FXNOW for Apple TV, it’s anyone’s guess as to when we’ll see both apps present on the set-top box.

Recently, the Apple TV saw two apps get updated with important features, including Vimeo and Netflix.

Are you excited to see all of the Simpsons episodes in one place?

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