Apple’s iPhone 5s holds top spot in most popular smartphone in Q1, iPhone 4S still in the fight

ABI Research top smartphone ranking

Trying to determine which smartphone is the most popular in the world might seem like an unachievable goal, but that hasn’t stopped analysts from trying to figure it out each quarter. In a new report released by ABI Research, it looks like Apple is holding onto that top spot with all its might.

According to the report, which was released on July 7, Apple has a firm grasp on the top spot for the world’s most popular smartphone in the first quarter of 2014. Of course, as you can see by the chart above, it’s a fight that Samsung is aiming to make one-sided with their laundry list of devices, which includes two variants of the Galaxy S 4.

Perhaps most notable, though, is the lingering fact that Apple’s iPhone 4S is still one of the most popular devices on the globe. The handset has become the company’s go-to handset for lower-end markets, and its relatively low price tag makes it an attractive option for anyone looking to jump onto the iOS wagon, without having to fork over quite a bit of money for one of the newer models.

It will be interesting to see how Apple’s international test with the 8GB iPhone 5c works out, though, as the company is obviously trying to phase out that older handset in favor of something new, without asking for the premium price tag attached to the other models, even those with higher built-in storage options.

The report also notes that Sony and LG make up the majority of the rest of the report. However, for those who have been keeping an eye on Xiaomi, the report also revealed that that particular manufacturer is starting to make its presence known on the world stage.

From the report:

Sony, LG, and for the first time, Xiaomi make up the rest of the top 20, with Huawei dropping out. The much talked about Chinese vendor Xiaomi’s top device by shipment volume is the Redmi, which is now available outside of China, at a very affordable $130.

Did you own the iPhone 4S? What did you think of that particular iPhone model?

[via ABI Research]