Beats Music updated, now includes Sentence History, verified badges and more

Beats Music

Beats Music for iOS has quickly become a popular application for anyone who loves to stream music, especially for those who have an eye for specific curation to the tunes they listen to. Now, a big update looks to add even more useful features for users.

Beats Music was officially updated on July 28, and brings the app to version 2.2.0. It’s still a free app, and all of the curation, aesthetic appeal, and content is still there. The updated app now features a bigger focus on tuning your own individual tastes, by letting you change your favorite artists or genres on the fly, thanks to a designated area within the Settings option.

Beats Music now includes Sentence History, which will let you pull up a list of your most recently listened to music through The Sentence, which is used to curate a playlist for you based on how you’re feeling, where you are, and other key defining elements. The app now also features Verified Badges, which will let you know that a certain profile is “certified as legit” by Beats.

The update also improves improvements to the player itself, which will hopefully mean users will notice smoother playback, while increasing overall reliability. There are also other improvements thrown in there for good measure, as suggested by the tease “…and much, much more!” offered up at the end of the “What’s New” update breakdown.

Apple is currently in the process of acquiring Beats Electronics for $3 billion.

You can find the free app through the source link below. Do you use Beats Music, or do you prefer another service?

Beats Music

  • Available in the App Store: Free
  • Updated: July 28, 2014
  • Version: 2.2.0
  • Size: 17.8MB
  • Compatibility: iOS 6 or later