Popular jailbreak hackers comex and cmwdotme release tool to emulate iOS and Android in a browser

virtual screenshotJailbreakMe developer Nicholas Allegra aka comex, who joined Apple and later Google, is now working with another iOS hacker Chris Wade aka cmwdotme on a new virtualising tool to simulate iOS and Android in the web browser.The tool called Virtual is capable of emulating any iOS or Android device with nearly “native quality” performance. TechCrunch reports:

“The idea was to move away from emulation and go to full blown virtualization,” Wade says. Virtual allows a user to purchase a license to run a certain amount of iOS or Android devices with as close to real hardware capabilities as possible. Wade claims that Virtual has managed to virtualize the ARM core and emulate peripherals that allow it to double as almost any Apple TV iPad, or iPhone.

The tool, founder Chris Wade says, will be useful for developing and testing iOS and Android apps across a broad range of devices without actually purchasing each configuration of a device.virtual screenshot 2Moreover, the tool lets developers test their apps on any version of iOS, including older ones. Right now, developers have to make sure that they don’t accidentally upgrade devices running older iOS versions, as Apple doesn’t allow downgrading.Virtual is in beta, and is accepting signups for invites. Apple’s legal team won’t be very pleased with a tool that lets everyone boot up iOS instances in the cloud, but Wade says Virtual will have “a solid strategy for fending off legal departments.”If you’re interested in Virtual, you can signup for a beta invite here.[via TechCrunch]