Foxconn reportedly adding 10,000 robots to iPhone 6 assembly line, despite recent hiring spree

iPhone 6 concept render

At the end of June, it was reported that Foxconn, one of the manufacturers being utilized for the upcoming iPhone 6, had kicked off a hiring spree to prepare for the upcoming launch. Now, as revealed by the CEO of Foxconn’s parent company during a shareholder meeting, the manufacturer is adding more than a few machines into the mix, too.

In June, Foxconn began a hiring spree that consisted of bringing on an estimated 100,000 new employees to build the next iPhone (or iPhones). This sort of deal isn’t new, and another manufacturer playing a role in bringing Apple’s new smartphones to the market, Pegatron, also went on their own hiring spree to prepare. For the former of the two companies, it looks like 100,000 new employees isn’t good enough, and a little robot help is required.

Terry Gou, the CEO of Foxconn’s parent company, revealed in a shareholder’s meeting that 10,000 new robots were being added to the iPhone 6 assembly line to help with constructing the new devices. At the same time, the executive revealed that Apple would be the first company to see the benefit from these machines. Moreover, Apple would be the only company to have access to the robots in general, simply because they don’t have enough to handle the manufacturing needs of the other companies that use Foxconn.

The 10,000 robots will reportedly cost between $20,000 and $25,000 per unit, and will be able to manufacture 300,000 smartphones on average. Considering the demand that everyone is expecting with the upcoming handsets, even from analysts, this sort of addition seems to be playing it on the safe side, hoping to meet that demand without any issues.

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