Glympse for Kik announced, lets users temporarily share their location with friends

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Sharing your location with family and friends has become a feature many companies have begun to focus on. For Kik Messenger, a long-time fan favorite in the social networking category, jumping into the location sharing game makes sense.

Announced on July 18, Glympse, another popular social app in the App Store, has partnered with Kik Messenger to bring their location sharing services into the messaging application. The app is launching today into the App Store, and as the press release states, it will allow Kik’s 120 million strong users to share their location with family and friends temporarily.

Everything is baked into the Kik Messenger app from here on out, it utilizes the Kik user’s profile to share their location with the social network that they have built within the app. It also means that users will not have to leave Kik to access any of those sharing elements, as it’s all handled within the service. Here’s a statement from the press release:

Location and messaging are tailor made for each other. Texting has become a primary form of communication for many, and many times the conversation includes the question, ‘where are you?'” said Darren Austin, vice president of product, Glympse. “By incorporating location technology within the Kik application, users now have a engaging, dynamic way to interact. With this latest integration, we are continuing to push forward with a new wave of messaging that does more than just static text.

To access Glympse inside the Kik app, a user will just have to swipe left to access the Kik browser, and search for Glympse. From there, the user will have to tap on a contact and hit the “Follow me” option that appears, and provide a few options to choose from when it comes to how long you’re sharing your location. It can be selected from just that instant, or for up to four hours. Once you activate the option, a map will appear with your real-time location, right inside the conversation.

Here are a few other new features:

Share to an Individual: Provide current location before leaving work or while traveling to a destination to meet the other person.

Request a Glympse: Ask for another’s current location while in a conversation.

Reply with a Glympse: Users can easily share their own whereabouts with a Kik friend who has already shared their location.

View on a Live Map: Glympse automatically updates location in real-time directly within the conversation.

A bigger focus on location sharing is an obvious move from plenty of different companies, including map applications, like Waze, which recently launched an update that provided real-time location sharing with users using the app. Moreover, Apple’s including their own location sharing option, something that extends from the “Find My Friend” app that launched several years ago, in iOS 8 in the new Family Sharing feature.

Glympse for Kik is available now, and Kik is still a free application available in the App Store. You can find a link for it down below.

Have you tried out Kik? Do you use another app to share your location with family or friends?

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