Google now identifies Flash content in search results on iOS and Android

Adobe Flash

Apple continues to maintain it stance against supporting Adobe Flash on iOS devices, choosing instead to focus on HTML5 and other modern web technologies. Nevertheless, there are still several Flash-based video players and other web elements littered across the web. When a mobile user accesses these pages, there is a blank space or large portion of the website missing. 

Good news: Google is attempting to make this common annoyance a little less annoying. The company announced on Monday that it will begin identifying and flagging pages that use Flash in its search results, noting that it may not work properly on your device. This is how an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or device running Android 4.1 or later should see a Flash result in search results:

Flash iOS Android result

The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once penned an article called “Thoughts on Flash,” which explained why the iPhone maker was against supporting Flash on its mobile devices. Jobs said that Apple strongly believes in open web standards, adding that Flash does not perform well on mobile devices and consumes too much battery life. He also noted that Flash is not optimized for touch-based devices.

Adobe eventually conceded its mobile efforts, discontinuing Flash support on Android devices in 2012.Google is now focused on developing modern multi-device websites, recently announcing its Web Fundamentals and Web Starter Kit resources to help webmasters build modern websites that work on all devices regardless of the type of content that is served.

Two words, Google: thank you.

[via 9to5Mac]