Korean Government demands Apple change ‘no refund’ App Store policy


Not having refunds has been something of a norm in app stores, but not everyone is a fan of the methodology, the South Korean government being not too pleased with the practice. As a result, they’ve demanded some changes be made.

The South Korean government has ordered that Apple must change their no refund App Store policy, while also pointing out some other changes that must be implemented in the future, according to a report from The Korea Herald. As a result, Apple has stated that they will consider applying a worldwide change to their App Store policy. The Korean Government has gone a bit further, and said that when Apple makes those changes, that they need to inform their customer base when the terms and conditions have changed.

From the report:

Following the FTC orders, the Google Play webstore will design a customer refund system based on Web developers’ refund polices. Apple’s iTunes app store will have to send a notice to users when it changes the terms in its contract. We expect the measure, aimed at protecting consumers, will have a ripple effect on similar cases throughout the world.

Back in 2011, a demand from the Taiwanese government forced Apple to implemented a 7-day refund period. Back then, after the changes were made, it wasn’t made clear in the updated terms and conditions that such a policy was in place, and confusion was evident from many consumers. The South Korean government’s insistence that Apple publicly notifies its customers, worldwide, would help with this.

The demand is not only for Apple and its App Store, though. Google has also been ordered to change their no refund policy in the Google Play Store. As it stands, Apple does not offer an easy, automatic way to receive a refund for a purchased application. It is, technically, possible to get a refund from an App Store purchase, but the process is extensive.

[via The Korea Herald]