Popular game Monument Valley crosses one million copies sold milestone; new levels coming soon

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Monument Valley is a highly popular iOS and Android puzzle game that has received widespread acclaim from reviewers and users for its design. At a time when most games are adopting the free-to-play model, Monument Valley took the unconventional route and priced the game at $3.99.

The unconventional pricing strategy seems to be working for the developers, as Monument Valley has passed the one million copies sold milestone. The game’s recent temporary price drop from its regular price of $3.99 to $1.99 must have accelerated its growth towards this milestone.

The game launched as iPad exclusive, but expanded to iPhone and later to Android as well. Its design was not only noticed by reviewers and players, but even by Apple, who awarded the developers an Apple Design Awards during WWDC in June.

While the game is available on multiple App Stores across platforms, iOS has contributed a majority portion of sales. Originally, the developers expected to retrieve their investment into Monument Valley over a period of of a year, but sales were so good that they made that money back in just a week.

The game has only 10 levels right now, which many players complain is too less, and the developers are actively working on adding more levels that would double the total game play time. From TechCrunch:

They also haven’t decided whether the new levels will be a paid download or a bonus freebie. However they end up being priced (or not), they will be incorporated into the existing game in a way that doesn’t disrupt the original narrative — so will sit in a separate section as ‘lost scenes’.

“Because we put so much time and effort into each one of these chapters, we don’t duplicate ideas and mechanisms on each… But we still had some ideas in our heads that we wanted to venture into further,” says Gray, explaining why ustwo is putting in the time and effort to build some extra levels.

If you haven’t played Monument Valley yet, you can download it from the link below.

Download link:

Monument Valley – $1.99

[via TechCrunch]