Samsung pokes fun at ‘wall huggers’ and their iPhones

Samsung's battery ad

Samsung has used its position as Apple’s main competitor in the smartphone market to its advantage quite well, using some of their best marketing techniques to poke fun at features (or, what they perceive as a lack thereof) in the iPhone lineup. In a new advertisement, that trend continues with a focus on batteries.

In a new video advertisement for their flagship Galaxy S5, Samsung puts the focus on the battery this time around, suggesting that the iPhone’s battery may not be all that great. Poking fun at “wall huggers,” the video showcases a lot of people stuck to walls at airports, trying to find a wall socket so they can charge their iPhone. In the ad, users of the Samsung Galaxy S5 aren’t worried about such things.

The one strength that the ad has going for it, though, is that Samsung doesn’t outright say that the battery in the Galaxy S5 is actually better, or even longer-lasting than the iPhone’s. Not without some tricks, anyway. The ad is also showcasing features that come with the Galaxy S5, like the Ultra power saving mode, which lets you turn the display gray scale, turn off connections, and even limit the number of apps you have access to on the home screen. With this, the battery can last a very long time, but without having to shut it off.

Samsung also jokes about the iPhone’s non-removable battery, while a Galaxy S5 owner swaps out their battery for a, presumably, fresh unit.

The ad will be shown in the United States, which makes sense, considering Samsung’s still lagging behind Apple when it comes to the top smartphone in the market.

You can check out the ad for yourself down below. What do you think of it?