Skype 5.2 reintroduces voice messaging, adds contact profiles and more

Skype 5.0 for iPhone

Skype for iPhone received a major redesign last month with several new features, ranging from in-app banner notifications to a streamlined user interface. But when the new version was released, users quickly realized that voice messaging was notably absent. Fortunately, it does not appear to be a permanent move. Microsoft announced Skype 5.2 this morning to reintroduce voice messaging and other features. 

The new version of Skype for iPhone brings back voice messaging, alongside a new contact profiles feature for viewing the name, birthday, location, mood message and other information about your Skype contacts. Furthermore, you can now add participants to existing conversations by tapping on the “…” menu in the bottom-right corner of a conversation and tapping the “add participants” option.

Microsoft detailed the changes in full on the Skype blog:

  • Voice message support: When you receive a new voice message from someone, it will show up in the conversation. To listen, just press play.

  • View contact profiles: Simply tap on any contact in your people list and then select profile from the “…” menu, and your contact’s mood message, Skype name, birthday, location and more will be available.  Additionally, if you are in a 1 to 1 conversation, you can just tap on the contact name in the header to bring up their profile.

  • Add participants to existing conversations: Tap on the “…” menu in the bottom right corner of any conversation (1 to 1 or group), and you’ll be presented with a shiny new “add participants” option.

Skype for iPhone is free on the App Store. The new version should roll out today.