State of Apple outlined in giant presentation, tells you everything you need to know about the company

image Jackdaw revenue

Apple has been a company that’s been around for a very long time, and during that time has seen plenty of highs and lows. A brand new presentation aims to tell us everything we need to know about Apple right now.

The presentation was created by Jan Dawson, the founder and chief analyst at Jackdaw Research, and was published originally on Business Insider. The report is a series of charts with key details attached, and outlines the current state of Apple. From quarter growths over the last several years, to giving a front-and-center look of the company in its distinct “iPod era” and “iPhone era,” the presentation covers a wide gamut of information.

image Jackdaw growth

The majority of the information within the six-part presentation is derived from information gleaned from Apple directly, but there is also some analyst projection included as well. Within the presentation, here’s what you’ll find in individual parts:

  • Long-term financials
  • Near-term financials
  • Regional splits
  • Retail data
  • Shipment data
  • iTunes data
  • image Jackdaw Profitability

    These types of presentations aren’t uncommon, but this coverage of Apple is a nice way to get update on everything about the company ahead of Apple’s official third quarter 2014 earnings call on July 22. It’s a lengthy read, but certainly worth it for anyone who loves to learn the business side of Apple. Following separate analysts reports regarding potential iPad and iPhone sales in the last quarter, a presentation like this does a good job of outlining Apple’s growth, and current state in the market.

    [via Business Insider]