Top 5 iOS 7 iPad Themes

The majority of Apple users have an iPhone so the majority of our coverage pertains to that device. But, what about the iPads? They need love too! So here are the top 5 iPad themes for iOS that you can grab from Cydia right now!

toyO – $2.99


toyO is a nice theme that has that nice shadow effect that a lot of users enjoy. It has some bright colors that really fit into the  iOS 7 feel. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t completely change the way iOS 7 feels, you might want to check this one out.

Pastels DaCo – Free


This is a free theme that has more of a darker look and feel. The color palette has more dull and darker tones that really stray away from the bright iOS 7 look. If you’re bored of the iOS 7 look and want to check out something a little more minimalistic and toned down, this theme is the way to go.

ayeris – $3.99


Ayeris is a theme that we all know and love. I had this theme on my iPhone for quite some time until I changed over to Soft. But, if you enjoy the look on your iPhone, you’re definitely going to enjoy it on the iPad. It has a lot of nice subtle changes within the UI other than just the themeing of the icons, but the icons are enough, in my opinion, to make the purchase. Also, a plus side is if you already purchased ayeris for the iPhone, it’ll only cost you $0.99.

0xygen iOS 7 iPad – $2.99


0xygen is another theme that was popular on the iPhone. It also has come darker tones with a very  strong shadow effect on all of its icons. It’s a little more of a 3D effect than the other themes listed here, but it’s always been a favorite among the community.

Aura – $2.99


Here is a theme that I used for a long time. When this was released I was a big fan and used it for several months. It has a great icon mask that makes the icons a bit smaller and a great shape. All the colors are very flat and the icons minimalistic in nature. Big fan of this theme and it recently received an update on the iPhone version, hopefully they’ll bring that over to the iPad version soon.

If you want to see these themes live you should definitely check out the video below!

Let us know what you think about these themes and your favorite theme in the comments below!