7 ways that Xiaomi has blatantly copied Apple

Mi 4 iPhone

When you hear about tech companies that are accused of being Apple copycats, it is usually Samsung that is at the forefront of the discussion. However, the Chinese handset maker Xiaomi has recently came into the spotlight because of allegations that it has been blatantly copying Apple as well. Take a look for yourself ahead. 

Xiaomi’s global vice president Hugo Barra recently told The Verge that he is “sick and tired” of hearing his company referred to as an Apple copycat, adding that those accusations made by some critics are “sweeping sensationalist statements because they have nothing better to talk about.”

But, the proof is almost undeniable. Look no further than this evidence of blatant copying put together by Killian Bell over at Cult of Android.

The most telltale sign of copying could be how Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun appeared on stage with a black shirt and denim jeans and announced “one more thing” at the end of the keynote for the launch of the new Mi 4 smartphone. You couldn’t pull more of a Steve Jobs move if you tried, right down to his signature attire.

One More Thing

If you are still not convinced, look no further than the Mi Pad tablet. Xiaomi’s affordable tablet has a colorful plastic shell, available in the exact same colors as the iPhone 5c. The Mi Pad also has the exact same screen size, resolution and aspect ratio as the iPad mini, and the press photos look nearly identical.

Xiaomi Mi Pad

You could argue that the all-new Mi 4 smartphone looks just like an iPhone 5s.

Mi 4 iPhone

Xiaomi also sells a set-top box called the Mi Box for streaming video on TV, with striking similarity to the Apple TV. Once again, even the press photos look nearly identical. The hand model is even gripping the device in virtually the exact same manner.

Apple TV

If you thought this was Apple’s Magic Trackpad in a new black color, you’re wrong. It’s the Xiaomi Mi Router Mini, with incredibly similar design cues as the Apple multitouch trackpad.

Magic Trackpad

If you were to visit an Xiaomi retail store, the large wooden tables, vibrant displays and open setting might have you thinking you’re standing in the middle of an Apple Store.

Xiaomi Store

Last, even the camera lens in this press photo for the Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone looks as if it was lifted directly from Apple’s Aperture icon.

Mi 3

What do you think of this side-by-side evidence? Is this flagrant copying, or is this all coincidental?