‘The Apple Collection’ ’80s clothing line resurfaces

image Apple 80s glasses

If there’s ever a sign that we need to show how much times have changed, just looking at the clothes people wore in certain decades is the best way to do it. Which is made perfectly clear by this clothing lineup from Apple introduced in the late ’80s.

Business Insider has put together a nice gallery of Apple’s clothing efforts in the late-’80s, with so many different examples of how colorful, big, and “Apple-ly” the company was back then. The collection was called “The Apple Collection” (shocking, right?), and it had all sorts of options when it was released in 1986.

That means you could find shirts, sweaters, suits, jackets, coats, shirts, pants, and just about anything else you can think of. Even scarves and lunch boxes. Everything in the collection is super colorful, which is certainly fitting for the time period, and a lot of the products have a large “Apple” printed right on the front. And not the logo, either. The word. And sometimes in funky letters, too.

image Apple 80s kids

The icing on the cake may be the models wearing sunglasses with “popped collars,” or the children with their perfectly sized clothing, and the one child that just doesn’t look at all happy to be doing what he’s doing. Or holding that yellow lunch box, maybe.

image Apple's first watch

There are some amazing accessories to go along with the clothing line, too, including white umbrellas with the colorful Apple logo, beach towels, and a coffee mug. There’s even a Swiss Army knife, lacking the distinctive red coloring and replacing it with a black hue, but with that familiar white Apple logo in the corner. Oh, and there’s a watch. With an Apple logo on it. iWatch!

image Apple 80s clothes

The clothing lineup, albeit from the ’80s, is a reminder that Apple hasn’t always been only focused on electronics, and that a “lifestyle company” isn’t completely out of the norm for the Cupertino-based entity. Of course, considering our wearables –like our watches– are jam-packed with electronics, it’s hard to get away from that mentality. Though, if Apple is transforming into a lifestyle company, as some believe is happening, recent hirings like Angela Ahrendts, Musa Tariq, and executives from TAG Heuer certainly lend credence to that throughout process. And let’s not forget Beats, which Apple recently welcomed into the family.

You can check out the full gallery through the source link below.

[via Business Insider]