Apple’s Siri meets Beats’ Pill mascots in first ad together

image Beats and Siri ad

Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics has been a long time coming, and now that it’s complete, the festivities can begin for Apple’s Siri and Beats’ Pill mascots. Or maybe not.

On August 1, Apple officially welcomed Beats into the Apple family, after they completed the purchase of 13% of shares from Vivendi/Universal Music Group. As a result, we’ve now got our first glimpse at what a future of advertisements including Apple’s Siri, and Beats Pill mascots might look like.

In the first ad bringing the brands together, we get to see the Beats Pill mascots having a quick discussion, and then Siri pops in, informing them that Dr. Dre is having a party. When they ask for directions, Siri says that the party is “by invitation only.” As a quick joke, when asked again, Siri responds with, “Sorry, I didn’t get that,” which is her reaction to a misheard statement.

You can check out the ad below, courtesy of 9to5Mac. What do you think of it?