Beats by Dre gets dedicated section in Apple’s online store

Apple Beats main page

Beats products have generally been a staple in most physical Apple retail locations, but now that the Beats Electronics acquisition has been complete, the hardware is now getting dedicated spots on Apple’s online store.

If you visit Apple’s website and find your way into the online Store, there’s a chance you’ll catch the image above making the rounds as Apple’s ads rotate. However, if you dig into the “Shop Accessories” section, you’ll immediately notice that a new area has been added to the store: Beats by Dr. Dre. Once there, you’ll be able to select from the assortment of headphones and other accessories with the familiar logo on them.

image Beats store

What’s more, the Apple Store iOS app has also been updated, and now features a dedicated link to the accessories, under the title “Beats of all kinds” in the Featured section.

image Beats sound accessories

You can even find “sound accessories,” which should look familiar to anyone who’s seen the latest Siri and Pill mascots ad.

It was on August 1 that Apple officially welcomed Beats into the family, with a message posted on their site, and the aforementioned advertisement. Now that Apple has acquired Beats Electronics, it will be interesting to see where the new relationship leads, especially for products.

Have you purchased a pair of Beats headphones, or any accessories? What do you think of them?

[via Apple]