You can buy a reversible Lightning USB cable right now for $9.99

reversible lightning cable

A number of rumors suggest that the next version of the Lightning cable will come with a reversible USB connector. We’ve seen patent applications, photos and a video about the cable, but you can now even buy a reversible Lightning USB cable from a third-party vendor. is selling the cable for $9.99, with free worldwide shipping and 30 day returns. The cable isn’t MFi-approved, so although it may work with your devices currently, a future software update might break functionality. Some unofficial accessories are also known to cause damage to your iPhone or iPad.

The cable is designed to be inserted in both directions, perhaps to match the new USB 3.1 Type-C cable with reversible ends. The Lightning cable was introduced in 2012, with a reversible connector, but the USB end of the cable was still not reversible. With these new cables, you would no longer need to remember the “correct” orientation of either ends.

Leaks about the fully reversible Lightning cable started earlier this month when images of the connector, an Apple patent application and a video, all surfaced in a span of a few days.

Apple is likely to start shipping the new Lightning cable with iPhone 6, which is expected to be unveiled at the special event on September 9th, followed by the launch on September 19th. In addition to the reversible USB connector and support for USB 3.0, the new Lightning cable could also add support for high-definition audio playback on Made for iPhone accessories, which was reported earlier in the year.

If you can’t wait until Apple’s own reversible Lightning cable comes out, you can buy one from for $9.99.